Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Call

We have so much to blog about but first things's the story of the call.
It was Tuesday afternoon, and I was doing a homestudy visit (for those of you who don't know, I work for an adoption agency). I left my phone in the car because it had become too distracting, and I was trying to stop looking at it every 5 seconds, waiting for it to ring. So I was telling the family I was interviewing that we were waiting for our referral, and we were joking about how she was probably trying to call right then, and later I realized that she actually had called around that time. When I got in my car after the interview, I had a missed call from AGCI. I tried not to get my hopes up since I knew they would be calling with our updated numbers that week, but our case worker sounded very eager for me to call her back on the voicemail she left. I called her back right away and got her voicemail, so I called Brian and said that I had a missed call from AGCI and he said, this is it, we've got a referral! I started screaming, partly because I was excited and partly because I thought he had listened to the information without me but then he told me that our caseworker had called him and he told her that we could call her back when I was out of my meeting so that we could hear about him together. (Don't I have the most sweet and thoughtful husband!)Right then she beeped in, and we finally all three got on the phone and she told us the best news ever. We have a beautiful three week old son!!! We were in shock. Three weeks!!! We couldn't even believe it. While she was telling us about him, I started driving towards Brian's office (probably not the best idea to be driving at that point but I kept thinking that I had to get to Brian so that we could see his picture together). At the same time, Brian started driving towards me since he thought I was pulled off the side of the road, and after a while Brian finally interupts to ask where I am and we realize that we had passed each other. I was so excited that I wasn't even sure where I was. Look out NC drivers!! Brian finally tracked me down and we met in the parking lot of a random McDonald's to open the email and see our son for the first time.

It was all so surreal!! All that waiting and wondering, and then just like that, we get to see his face. We were on cloud nine. He is so, so precious. We simply can't wait to hold him in our arms! Thanks for all the congratulations and comments!! It's been so much fun to celebrate this miracle together! The Lord has done it again... He has blessed us even more than we could ever imagine.



  1. very awesome!!! so excited for you!!!!!!

  2. Yay!!! SO happy for you guys!!

  3. Amazing story.....funny too. Awwww...can't wait until you finally get to see him and scoop him up and love him in person :)

  4. We are so very happy for you! Lots of prayers are coming your way from us. We hope for a speedy court date for all of you!

    Congrats on the garage sale! We had one as well. Such fun and such a miracle to see everyone come together.

    I wish we lived closer! I would have been there to help!

  5. I guess if you're going to miss The Call, it might as well be while helping another adoption! Great story! I am so happy for all 3 of you! Now, I just have to ask, who did you get to take the picture?? :)

  6. I am so excited for you guys! He and HattieJo will have to have play dates since they will only be 2 weeks apart in age!! PRECIOUS! What a HUGE testimony your story has been. Love you guys