Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Exciting News!

Today is an exciting day in our adoption journey. With our homestudy finally complete, we were able to mail off our dossier (all of our paperwork and documents). Can you believe it?

We are so excited!!! It should arrive by tomorrow and our case manager will review it on Friday to make sure that everything is done correctly. This sweet lady at FedEx was a good sport and agreed to all of my crazy requests, including documenting the occasion.

This means that IF everything is in order we could get our names on the waitlist as early as Friday. We'll keep you posted...


P.S. Our pastor had a great post on June 12th about the book Adopted for Life, by Russ Moore. Click here and scroll down to read it.


  1. congratulations on sending off your dossier! our rough draft of our homestudy is at AGCI right now. We hope to get our dossier sent off maybe within the next few weeks, but hopefully within the next month. I just wanted to say hi because we are almost at the same stage! We can't wait to be on the waitlist!

  2. My first comment didn't go through, so I wanted to try this again. It is nice to meet you, and know that we are at the same stage in our journey!! Praying that your dossier arrives to AGCI asap, and will be reviewed asap, and that you get a # asap!! :) Maybe we will be traveling together!!

  3. Hi...I just came across your blog via another blog. We were just put on the waitlist for a little guy at #10 about two weeks ago. I'm excited for you! Are you waiting on a little guy or little girl? Check us out at:

  4. Thanks for checking us out! I'll keep checking your blog tomorrow night to find out your number!! This is so fun isn't it? Adoption is such a "God Thing" as He places us on the waitlist just get our intended kiddos.

  5. Hello from another ACGI paper crazy family! We are waiting to be on the waiting list too. I will add your blog to our site so we can follow along together! Feel free to visit us at:

  6. this could be the big day!! I'll be checking back on you guys today! Check back with us come Monday! :)