Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our New Number Is...

We spoke with our case manager today and she shared the good news that we have moved to number 5! She couldn't confirm that the courts will stay open this year, but it seems that they are at least staying open later than usual because there have been court dates assigned into late August. We also had another nice surprise...our Notice of Favorable Determination letter arrived in the mail today! This was super quick, because we just had our fingerprints taken a couple of weeks ago. We are now officially approved by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services to adopt a child! Whohoo!


  1. Yay! exciting news and excitinng number!!! it's moving so quickly! we are #9 so 4 numbers away from yours! good possibility of traveling together to pick up our sons!

  2. Heather, it def sounds like we will be travel buddies, and that our boys are playmates now! So excited for you!!! Congrats on the # and the FDL!!! Can you believe how close we are to referrals?!?! I have chills!!

  3. CONGRATS!!!!! I'm so excited for you guys!