Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lucy Lane

So I have been putting off posting because I wanted to wait until we had our new official numbers. I have a good idea of where we are, but I want to wait until we know for sure, so hopefully that post will be coming soon. In the meanwhile, check out this video from a fellow AGCI family who recently brought home their precious little girl. It takes a few minutes to buffer, but hang in there because it is worth it (Don't forget to go to the bottom of the page and mute my music player so you can hear the audio on the video. Also, to watch full screen click the video again once it has started and it will open a new screen in youtube). Get your Kleenex ready...

Isn't it amazing to watch God at work?! Welcome Home Lucy Lane!!


  1. i know!! amazing, huh?!?! What # do you think you are? I think #4, being 2 ahead of us. It's unbelievable how close we all are to receiving referrals!!

  2. i keep on checking on you guys for new numbers...maybe they dont have a new number but a referral instead?!?!