Thursday, November 5, 2009


I just stumbled across this inspiring blog:

Check out their amazing story of adopting a sweet little girl, who happens to be HIV positive, from Uganda.

You can also read more about this little girl and how she was introduced to her forever family here.

From Joining the Journey:
Adoption is the road less traveled and there is a reason for that. IT is a TRAGEDY. For domestic adoption, there is a birthmother that is leaving a child behind...HEART WRENCHING. For International adoption, (typically) a child has been abandoned, and his/her heart KNOWS that and LONGS for a mommy and daddy. IT IS NOT EASY and prepare for your heart to BREAK several times along the road. If you want to feel the Lord's presence more than ever, see the face of Jesus in a child, and experience the HEARTBEAT of Christ TAKE the road less traveled.

To support their orphan ministry check out

It's so exciting to see what the Lord is doing through their obedience. Thank you Suzanne, for sharing your story and for the awesome reminder that
Obedience trumps worst case scenario!

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