Sunday, November 22, 2009

What Happens Next

Now that we have a court date, everyone is asking what happens next. A very good question indeed...

On December 3rd, (sometime in the early morning hours our time, keep in mind they are 8 hours ahead of us), our case will go before a judge in Ethiopia. We will not be present for this, instead someone from our agency goes on our behalf. When we pass, Isaiah is officially and legally our son! We may or may not pass the first time. Many families have not been passing lately, and it is usually for a reason that is completely out of our control. For example, someone from the MOWA (kind of like our social services here in the US) has to write a letter for the court case. If they do not write the letter in time, you fail court and are rescheduled. Some families are rescheduled for later in the week while others are pushed to a month or so later. So passing court is the first hurdle. After passing, (and celebrating like crazy), we wait for an embassy date appointment. From what I understand, the staff in Ethiopia has to receive our court degree and then gather numerous documents including little Isaiah's new birth certificate, passport, medical records, etc. All of these documents have to arrive at the Embassy at least two weeks prior to our appointment. What does this mean? This means that we'll probably get a tentative embassy date, and then wait for it to be confirmed when they receive all the documents. If they are there in time, we book our tickets! WooooHOOO!

Right now we are guessing that if we pass court the first time we will probably travel sometime in January. There is a December 28th embassy date, but to make it, all of our documents would have to be gathered with super sonic speed and this does not usually happen. However, we know that our Father will work out His perfect plan, in His perfect time, and nothing is impossible for Him.
11 days...Let the countdown begin!


  1. Congrats on getting a date... I'll be praying for you, of course! We are cautiously hopeful about our date on Dec. 2, but like you, are preparing to not pass on the first try...

  2. We are with you....wanting to pass the first time! Hopefully going in Jan too.....praying for everyone on the list. let's bring these cute babes home!!!

  3. Oh I wish you guys could have the December embassey date! I'll be praying you guys pass the first time!!!!!! Excited to watch your journey unfold even more!

  4. YEAH!!! We will be praying for yall this week!! Lots of families going to court this week...and hoping our family gets our referral call this week too...praying for an amazing week of good news!!!